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14 Nov 2009

Meet the Geeks

Aaron Glimme has been teaching for a total of 10 years, and is currently teaching AP Chemistry and Integrated Science and chairing the science department at a public high school in northern California.

When he's not teaching or attending meetings, Aaron can be found playing with his two daughters, gardening with his wife, taking Aubrey the Wonder Dog on long walks, or hunched over his 17" MacBook Pro plotting the overthrow of the universe.

He's online at glimme.net.

Richard White has been teaching computer programming and physics for over 20 years throughout the state of California, and is currently involved with educational technology and teaching physics (Conceptual and AP) at a private K-12 school in southern California.

In his spare time when he's not grading papers, Richard enjoys mud runs, climbing, visiting his son in France, and plotting his own coup d'état on a 15" MacBook Pro.

You can find him online at crashwhite.com, LearnAPphysics.com, and HybridClassroom.com.